What Kind of World Do You Want to live in? Playing your part in protecting the Earth

September 18, 2016 / Bethany Lemmon


The world we know as earth is quite magnificent, yes? Brilliant blue oceans, clear skies, mountains, lakes, rivers and canyons? Depending on where we are, our outlook of the earth changes, though, in reality, everything stays the same regardless.

Being an Oregonian, I often feel untouched by earthly uncleanliness. However, as I said, I’ll be in a gorgeous national park one day and then be stumbling upon a stinking garbage heap the next, and my outlook on the world we live in is completely different.

One particular evening, I found myself driving past an old paper mill on the edge of a river, I’d seen it hundreds of times in the past, but, that day, I felt prompted to study it. As I looked it up and down, I noticed the dark murky waters and littered trash that clung to every corner of the structure.


Unhappy, I turned to the other window. There lay a lush green forest of ferns and enormous trees while birds flew among the branches. How could this be happening? Two entirely different worlds separated by only a small two-lane road? The question I then began to ask myself was, which world do I want to be a part of?


I personally want to live a life of peace, love, friendship, health, and joy. Is that possible in a bustling city and smoke-ridden streets? Maybe for some, but I prefer a tranquil forest and a good book. But imagine that those forests disappear, never to be seen and enjoyed by the future generations.

Imagine if 7 billion people were each given a small tree sapling and planted them. If each town had a plot of land to be used as a community garden. But I believe it is the time that we say when, rather than if. The Earth needs our help, and fast. You must ask yourself, what kind of a world do you want to live in?



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